The Management

We are governed by ethos and values and believe in high moral values and commitments. We have spent years in developing prestige for our concerns. We believe in creating synergy. We always have long term view in developing our principles, vendors and clients. And try to make win –win situation forever.

We have professional attitude for running business. We believe in systemizing all routine operations. We develop seamlessly expandable system which has consistency and reliability by which we achieve higher growth rates. We have fully furnished office, product display and storage space and all amenities required to run the business.


Chief Operating Officer

The Operations of this venture is being handled by Mr. Hardik Patel (Bsc., Chemistry). He is having an experience of total 12 years in the Instrumentation and Automation field. He is well conversant with the Instrumentation field, its marketing strategies and tactics. His strong point is understanding process needs and suggesting most appropriate solutions and products for the same.

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